.NET and Angular Latest News

Here is the .NET Blog link. this is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to stay on top of the latest news in the .NET framework world. It contains links to excellent articles and tutorials.

Also, check out this link for a simple easy to follow guide to learning AngularJS. It has some basic examples of Angular directives,  controllers, modules, etc.

Daily Development News

The latest in software development….

Visual Studio 2015 RC3 – Visual Studio now includes NodeJS tools and Xamarin built in.

ASP.NET Core 1.0 is released – ASP.NET has been converted from ASP.NET MVC 5 to ASP.NET Core, which is built on top of the newly release open source cross platform version of .NET called .NET Core.

Building multi-player games with Angular – This article walks you through building a multi-player game with javascript and Angular.

Migrate your Angular application to Angular 2 – Here is a nice guide for upgrading your Angular application to Angular 2.

Simple Web API with ASP.NET Web Forms example – Here is a good article showing how to build a simple ASP.NET Web Forms application that uses a Web API service to get and post data.

.NET Core 1.0 Released

On June 27, 2016 .NET Core 1.0 was finalized released for production. This was mentioned back in the fall when beta releases were released but it is now officially released.

This is a full version of .NET that is completely open sourced on github and available for windows, linux, and OS X. This is very exciting for .NET developers. .NET is is also available on Xamarin, which makes .NET available on Android and IOS.

Also, on top of this there is an additional setup of libraries that make ASP.NET Core to allow web develoment across all platforms.

With the release of a free full version of Visual Studio, this make the development of C# applications using a free IDE across all platforms possible!