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Check out the UWP Community Toolkit

Check out the UWP Community toolkit on github. This toolkit will increase the productivity of all UWP developers.

It has tools divied up into 5 different categories(Controls, Notifications, Animations, Services, and Helpers), This toolkit has all sorts of goodies to help speed up your UWP project.

As .NET developers transition their skills to UWP this toolkit will jump start your projects with eliminate a lot of your initial programming.


.NET Universal Windows Development primer

Check out this great tutorial on Universal Windows Development(UWP) in Windows https://channel9.msdn.com/events/dotnetConf/2016/NET-Universal-Windows-Platform-Development.

Daniel goes through a simple example that shows the power of UWP development and .NET Core by building an end to end solution using a raspberry pi IOT application a laptop/phone application and web services api published to Azure to connect it all together.

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